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Mocha Pro

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Video footages are an effective way of communicating and entertaining. However, they are often distorted when being captured due to factors such as a shaky camera. It is, therefore, necessary to find a way of tracking and masking such footage to produce ones that are more stable and hence presentable. If this is not done, the final video might not be clear enough and hence the intended message might not be perceived by the ones viewing it. Mocha Pro 5 download is the latest version of a suite of software developed by Imagineer Systems that have emerged as one of the most effective tracking and masking tool.


The application name as Mocha Pro picks up where the previous versions left off and do not disappoint regarding the multiple, beneficial functionalities that it presents users with. Top among these is the planar motion tracking which captures the slightest of motions in the footage and refines them to give the clear picture. Furthermore, the software comes packed with a wide array of image and camera stabilizers. These ensure that regardless of how shaky the footage was, it can be retouched and not only made more stable but also clearer. These and other functionalities make it the go-to application for anyone who wants to get the best out of their footage.

Key Features Mocha Pro 5 Plugin

  • Planar Motion Tracking
  • Image stabilizer
  • Screen inserts
  • 3D camera solver
  • Camera stabilizer
  • Automatic object removal
  • Stereo 3D support
  • Sophisticated tools for tracking and masking
  • Plugin option
  • Lens module
  • GPU acceleration
  • Silhouette import and export

Main Pros and Cons


  • The capability for planar tracking is undoubtedly one this application’s greatest benefits. This allows the user to specify the plane along which the footage should be tracked and hence can be used in animating the motions of even composite layers- plane by plane
  • Since it offers options for both camera and image stabilization, you can be able to refine the image in a number of ways and hence obtain stunningly different sets of results for different uses
  • It features a plugin option that allows you to easily launch it into other video editing software including Adobe Creative Cloud and Avid Media Composer. Therefore, its functionalities can be incorporated into the existing ones to provide you with an even more powerful tool
  • The tools for automatic object removal and insert module provide one with functionalities through which they can easily control the images that appear in their footage. This gives greater creative control to the user
  • This application also features an array of options for importing and exporting silhouettes thereby allowing one to experiment with multiple options and other shadow techniques
  • The GPU accelerator and stereo 3D support are sophisticated tools through which one can obtain highly refined footage regardless of how unstable they were


  • This version of the software features some Python scripting, which might be a challenge to those users who are not familiar with the language. With continued usage, however, one will understand how to do it and be able to take advantage of all features.

Most Common Users

This is an application that is favored among members of the video and photo editing community. These include journalists, videographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, and hobbyist photographers. It is also beneficial to students who are learning one or more of these skills and in general anyone who is interested in videography.

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Author note:

This software offers users an unmatched number of features which when used effectively can transform any video to a masterpiece. Try it out and the results will reveal themselves.

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